Esports are a competitive genre of videogames that is growing as the years pass.There are many events worldwide,but I’m going to focus on EU and NA LCS.(LCS stands for League of Legends Championship Series.



The LCS format is that 10 teams will compete in that split during 9 weeks  (In Europe it’s a best of two,with WIN,LOSS and Tie but in North America it’s  best of three,with only WIN and LOSS).

  • Double Round Robin (9 weeks)
  • Placing results
    • 1st place and 2nd place will secure first round byes in the playoffs
    • 4th place will play 5th and 3rd place will play 6th in the playoff quarterfinals
    • 7th place re-qualifies for LCS next split and will not participate in playoffs
    • 8th to 10th place LCS teams will play in Promotion Tournament along with the Top 2 teams from Challenger Spring.


  • Single-elimination
  • All matches are Bo5

Championship Points

  • 1st place team of the Summer Split will automatically qualify (AQ) for Worlds as the first seed from that region.
  • Team with the most Championship Points qualifies for Worlds
  • The team that has accrued the most championship points throughout the season will also qualify for Worlds as the second seed.
  • In the event that multiple teams are tied in the standings at the conclusion of the Summer Split, then the team that gained the most points in the Summer Split will be considered the holder of the tiebreaker.
  • The final spot for Worlds will be determined at the EU Regional Qualifiers, the winners of which will be the third seeds of their respective regions.

Challenger Team is like in Spain Segunda División which is a second category.


In EU Summer Split 2016 there were 10 teams competing:

G2,Team Vitality,Origen,Giants,Roccat,Unicorns of Love,Splyce,H2K,FC Schalke 04 and Fnatic (From Left to Right)

Of which G2 auto qualified for winning the Summer Split,H2K for most championship points through out the Spring and Summer Split and Splyce by winning the Regional Qualifier.


In NA Summer Split 2016 there were 10 teams competing:

Counter Logic Gaming,Team Solo Mid,Team Liquid,Cloud 9,Inmortals,Renegades,NRG Esports,Team Impulse,Apex Gaming and Echo Fox.(From Left to Right)

Of which TSM auto qualified for winning the Summer Split,ClG for most championship points for through out the Spring and Summer Split and Cloud 9 by winning the Regional Qualifier.

This is the official LCS


My favourite EU team is Fnatic,it has been there since Season 1,It also won the first World Championship.It has been the best EU team but after its supremacy in Season 5 with the 18-0 perfect Split and Worlds semifinalist.

They had important changes which caused its worst Split without going to worlds for the first time since Season 1.


Season 5 roster for Worlds


Season 6 Roster:After the failure at semifinals the team got rebuilt,Huni and Reignover went to Inmortals,so Klaj joined at support,Spirit as jungler and Gamsu as toplaner,after that Yellowstar came back from NA and Kikis joined (Former Unicorns of Love player).

This is the official Fnatic


My favourite NA team is Cloud 9,it was founded in Season 3 and together with CLG,they have had a rivalry against TSM,the best NA team,they have qualified for all Worlds for now but NA hasn’t been sucessful there with last Season not Passing Group Stage,although it has been a top 3 team for a long time.

In Season 5 they had an average split because of roster changes and bad coordination,but still they managed to qualify from 7th place in regular season to Worlds.


Season 5 roster for Worlds.


Season 6 Roster:Team got rebuilt,Lemonnation retired and Hai moved to the support role and Rush joined as a jungler.


This was the major change and for the best,Balls,Rush and Hai left the team and Impact joined as a Toplaner,Meteos joined the team as a Jungler and Bunny FuFuu joined as the Support,also Smoothie joined and they switch(For example a game is played by Smoothie but next game team thinks that it’s better for Bunny Fufuu to play instead of him)







League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA released by Riot Games on 2009.The game is based on two teams that fight on the different maps:Summoner’s Rift (5v5) The Howling Abyss (5v5) and Twisted Treeline(3v3).In the game each player must choose a Champion to play each game with its Runes and Masteries (Benefits for the champion) and Summoner Spells.

During the match you gain xp and gold by doing certain tasks like killing minions and enemy champions.You use gold to buy items which benefit your champion and you use the xp to level up and unlock new skills.

In the Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline there is a jungle with monsters that give you xp,gold and special buffs.And three lanes that you must cross to reach the enemy nexus.Top Lane,Mid Lane and Bot Lane(Each one with its turrets,inhibitors and some brushes)summoners_rift_concept_art

To play the game you move your champion with your mouse,to use the skills the default keybindings are QWER and to use the summoner spells D and F.

Its webpage is

Summoner’s Rift


The Howling Abyss


The Twisted Treeline


My Hobbies

My actual hobby is to play videogames but in that genre i prefer to play multiplayer online strategy games like mobas (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).Inside that genre i prefer League of Legends.I also enjoy watching LCS (both EU and NA)

About me

My name is Ángel,I live in Málaga and I study at IES Huelin.

I have chosen this hobby because it’s a thing that I enjoy doing on my free time and i think that with the years it will become a serious thing